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We’ve updated the Team Mechanics list

Posted on 18th February, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off on We’ve updated the Team Mechanics list

UCI recently released their list of registered 2013 mountain bike teams and we used that information to update our list of teams. Are you working with a mountain bike team this season? If so, let us know using the form at the bottom of this page.

We could use some help with our road and bmx teams as well.

The list can be found here: Team Mechanics.

Are you insured?

Posted on 29th November, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off on Are you insured?

It’s been a while since the topic of health insurance has popped up on ProMechanics. With the recent passing of Swiss mechanic Erwin Wildhaber we are putting out the reminder for the need for both health and liability coverage.

Consider the following:

* the coverage provided by USA Cycling is only secondary insurance and only covers you during activities supported by USA Cycling.

* USA Cycling’s insurance does not cover your personal vehicles and might not cover your equipment.

* with many teams your employment as a contractor might not provide you with coverage for health or liability for yourself or your equipment

* part time work with a team or neutral program will most likely not provide you with coverage

* some home-ownership insurance plans will cover your personal equipment. Check with your insurance rep to clarify.

There are many plans available and numerous websites capable …

Hurray for Team Mechanics pt 2

Posted on 16th June, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off on Hurray for Team Mechanics pt 2

Many consider the ’09 Giro was saved by Menchov’s team mechanic as seen in this video. Quoting VeloNews, “…every once in a while a team mechanic has an opportunity to shine on a large stage, and never has that been more apparent than during the final stage of last month’s Giro d’Italia.”
VeloNews recently posted an interview with Vincent Hendricks, the team mechanic for Rabobank who quickly jumped from the car and presented Menchov with a new bike allowing him to reduce the potential time loss and retain his overall lead in the Giro.

Hurray for Team Mechanics!

Posted on 31st May, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. 1 Comment

.Today was the last stage of the ’09 Giro and Menchov held a slight lead over Di Luca coming into the final time trial. Menchov is the last rider out on the course, a course with cobbles that are wet from periodic rain. With 1km to go, Menchov hits the deck. Knowing how important every second is to his rider, the team mechanic is out the door and pulling the spare bike off the roof before the car has stopped. Menchov barely has time to pick up his bike before the new bike arrives. He jumps on, the mechanic provides a great push and Menchov is able to save his race.
Though we don’t condone jumping out of the car, this was very smooth. He was even able to get the door closed during the process.
Check out the whole …