Hurray for Team Mechanics!

Youtube.Today was the last stage of the ’09 Giro and Menchov held a slight lead over Di Luca coming into the final time trial. Menchov is the last rider out on the course, a course with cobbles that are wet from periodic rain. With 1km to go, Menchov hits the deck. Knowing how important every second is to his rider, the team mechanic is out the door and pulling the spare bike off the roof before the car has stopped. Menchov barely has time to pick up his bike before the new bike arrives. He jumps on, the mechanic provides a great push and Menchov is able to save his race.
Though we don’t condone jumping out of the car, this was very smooth. He was even able to get the door closed during the process.
Check out the whole incident on YouTube


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  • WOW! That’s what we all aspire to be, that quick and that smooth…

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