Zen Meditation: The 50 hour version

Other team staff have been working races as early as February. Most have certainly been clearing the fast wheel change cob webs as late as the March NRC races in Northern Cal. But for me I’m just finished the driving part of our first US race for 2005. The Tour of Georgia. We normally do Redlands as our first race of the season but for unknown reasons we are not able to do that event. I’m glad to not have to do Redlands with all the things life has thrown at me in February. I’ve had to really work pretty hard in March to get supplies and out team truck ready for the season. I’m sure my brain is still recovering from the fry job experienced from the 70 tires I glued in a 5 day span prior to this drive.
Our first official hotel of the Tour of Georgia is actually a B&B in North Augusta, South Carolina. Most other teams if not all, will be in Augusta, Georgia. Amy Bramblett who was one of our soigneurs last year was born and raised in Augusta Ga. So, according to the “local” you don’t have to say North Augusta, SC. Just the city name is needed as there is no such thing as North Augusta, GA. Nor is there an Augusta, SC. All this based upon the word “north.”
I’m glad to have started the drive 5 days ago this past Sunday. A relaxed drive as opposed to the drive the other teams participating at Sea Otter are about to experience. For the single reason that Sea Otter finishes on Saturday and Georgia starts on Tuesday. Do the math and you can easily divide 2,800 miles into a Sunday/Monday drive. Some teams will have staff drive to Georgia before Sea Otter finishes, But that is still a tough drive for the 6 days of hard work they will experience IMMEDIATELY after that hell drive. Even if they can start as early as Thursday. They will certainly not be fresh for such a weeks work of stage racing awaiting them. I’m lucky as I get 4 days HERE to easily prepare for the Tour of Georgia.
In my drive here I had a myriad of thoughts going through my brain. Things like how I can almost be in a constant state of windshield cleaning as my truck has a huge area to give a host of bugs a clear stop sign. Unfortunately for them their little lives come to a screeching halt as they kiss my windshield. Maybe this new sponsor can do a show with me and my drive in mind. Animal world and the bugs I see on my drive across country. Think they will go for that? Naw, I did not think so either. Or, How I can actually pass vehicles as opposed to the “pace” of the truck driving speed of past seasons. Meaning, how great it is to actually be able to keep up easily in this new big truck.
All told the trip took nearly 50 hours to complete. In a sick way, I actually don’t mind that type of drive. OK, the last days drive was a little tough. But overall, it really was not that bad. I like to think of it as a nice long meditation.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.