Vince Gee

Honky Tonk woman

I had left Sacramento on Sunday, April 10th. The Friday before that, I had received some cool shit for the team truck. Part 1 was two very cool tool cabinets from Equipto via Park Tool. They are even in Park Tool Blue. Ultra cool to say the least. Part 2 was some custom cabinet drawers from my friend Bob Johnstone. He used to own the bike shop I had worked at in the past. He is the master of wood work. The cabinets were 8″ wide, 2″ tall and 2″ deep. I had to help him lift the frame of the cabinets into the truck on Friday and returned Saturday after he put the drawers into them.
Saturday afternoon I had some metal to build a work bench. With the help of a friend he and I welded the big work bench and installed it. Boy was that bulky/heavy. But the truck minus a bike rack I want to build is nearly perfect.
Since I had received the tool cabinets and drawers the days before, today was organize tool cabinets and organize drawers day. That took pretty much most of the morning. The afternoon was spent building the last bike. A spare bike that we had not received at camp in January. It was finally painted in team colors and I received it yesterday. So today I finished that too. Not too stressful of a day really. Busy but not crazy busy.
Antonio is to arrive VERY late tonight. Lance and Dave (Soigneur) are to arrive Monday and go straight to two separate press conferences. But most of the Euros got in late today. Roughly arriving at about 8:30 or so and they went straight to dinner and to sleep. All except Richard (Soigneur) and I who went to have some fun. Unfortunately Steph (Soigneur) had to go to get Antonio for his late flight so she could not join us for our bit of fun.
A matter of coincidence Amy Bramblett who was our Soigneur last year was here in town playing in a band. I knew for a long time she played Accordion in a German Cabaret band. But to my surprise, she played not only the accordion but the xylophone (correct amy?), the Clarinet and to my surprise…….the Saw. Yes, a wood saw with a violin bow. Too cool. I was a real treat to see her in this arena as opposed to making bottles and rubbing ass. I’m gonna call her the Honky Tonk Woman but the German Cabaret style of course.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.