“Yes, the airline came through”

My luggage arrived (got to Brussels) and I’m a happy camper. I had a few things for our soigneur Dave Bolch so that is cool. I’ll be able to surprise him with a few treats that I know he normally does not see in Europe.
We were the first team to get to the hotel. Six teams are staying here including Credit Agricole, Tonissteiner and Colstrop. Because we are first, we have prime parking in the small lot. Kirk Obee and Stive Vermaut were the last two to get their new White bikes (here at this race). Add that to the normal training ride and we had a fair amount of work to do. New bikes, no matter how well we duplicate their old bike, are always fiddled with a lot. The rider goes away with a few wrenches and hopefully gets it done by himself. But as always they need help getting it dialed in. An hour later and everything is in the same place I put it before I gave it to him (especially the saddle) we first duplicated their old bike. They had to put it (the saddle) there themselves though.
Before we finished tonight, Juan said we were going to grease the chains because it was going to rain. Normal oil for chains does not last long in a rainy race, so we put grease (regular bike bearing grease) on top of the oil to keep it protected and lubed. He was betting on getting typical Belgium weather.


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