Wouldn’t it be lame if…….

Today is the prologue TT. We will take our truck to the TT. So much equipment is necessary so we need our truck there instead of going on to the next hotel straight away as normal. We are also allowed to follow all 8 riders with our team car. So, one mechanic (Julien) goes in the car and one mechanic (Moi) stays at the truck to prepare bikes, put bikes on/take bikes off trainers, move what ever item the feel is necessary (like aero bars) at the last minute. Like at Sea Otter a few weeks ago, this TT went pretty smooth. Most of our guys had TT bikes from the past so set up has been done long ago. They always want something moved/changed but here, changes were at a minimum.
Yesterday while working on the “Island” I mentioned to our soigneur Dave, how it would be really lame if you drove the 3k to the island to work and forgot something. Something critical or not, it was a task to go back and get it. Well, my words bit me in the ass. The morning of the TT we drove to the “Island” to get the truck with all the bikes and drive to the TT. Like a huge fool, I forgot my truck keys. So, I had to drive back hotel, get them and drive back to the island. We were not late but it prevented me from getting the best parking at the TT.


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