What to do?

What to do since we built all of the team bikes? Like I said there is always things to do. Organizing the truck seems like a bottomless pit of work. I clean up and turn around to see another pile of things to organize (yet again). We can’t build the bikes for Lance, Bill and Bart because we don’t have the measurements for Bill or Bart yet. We constantly have a updated build sheet for all of our riders. And still have measurements for Lance.
But we were a bit short of Seat posts so we put off all three of these bikes for a while. I’m not sure if/when Lance will show at camp but I don’t imagine it being soon. So, we are not worried yet. We did a host of
organizing but still had a easy day and finished just after our
outside-in-the-workplace pizza lunch. So convenient to have a pizza place near by.
For me (and most of the others), it was time to relax, go to the local Coffee house (like we’ve done almost daily so far) and hang out for a while.
A long while actually since we are nearly done with work. We’ve been hanging out at the Bulldog cafe the past few years when we are here in Solvang. It’s a 5 minute walk from our hotel and it is nice to get outside the hotel and relax. Sip a cup of Joe (Mocha for me — if you?re buying next time) and maybe a slice of heaven in the form of the best Carrot Cake in the world. Barbara
(owner of the Bulldog cafe) makes a killer Carrot Cake that we had last year for some of the January B-day guys. It?s almost a meal in itself. Mainly because of the……..er……….calories? But worth it for sure.
Probably the other daily item I’ve personally done is have a glass of wine each night. Either with dinner or at the hotel bar, I’ve tried to “take care of my heart” by having a glass nightly. I have not seen the movie Sideways yet. It was filmed here in Solvang/Buellton and the greater Santa Inez valley. And after the movie, Sales of Pinot Noir shot up rapidly due to one of the main cahacters desire for Pinot. I’m still a Merlot fan so I passed on the Pinot.


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