“The “P” side”

Today was my first day in the follow car. Yesterday and the day before Chris went in car #1 and Geoff went in car #2. Today I went in car #1 and Juan went in car #2. We had 2 follow cars due to the size of the ride (with 19 athletes). We need to bring plenty of wheels and spare bikes so 2 cars made that easier.
Our ride went over one of the more popular hills/climbs. We did 4 hours including the Figueroa hill/climb. There was a fan following us today on his motorcycle. As we stopped at the top of Figueroa, he stopped with us and chatted for a bit. He said the locals have a description for each side of the mountain. One side is called the testosterone and the other side of the mountain is called the P*#^& side. Starts with a p and ends with a y and is one name for a part of the female anatomy. Meaning one side is harder and one side is easier.
Today we did the “P” side. Are we wussys or what? I guess we’ll be doing the other side sometime this trip. Got to get our testosterone fix I guess. With 19 male racers, it will be hard not to.


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