Vince Gee

An easy day for the riders (and also for the staff)

Today the riders got an easy training plan. The scheduled ride was only two hours. Mainly for the euros who had come from 9 to 10 hour time zones away. The first few days they got a normal ride distance (3 to 4.5 hours) so they could spend time on the bike (and not sleep at the wrong time) so as to get used to the time change. But after a few days of that they need a time to rest on the bike. So they rode from 10 to noon.
Juan and I had a plan (on Thursday) to maximize our Saturday. Our plan was to try to get all the mechanics to agree to do bike wash Friday so Saturday we would not have to. Since it is just a training camp bike wash is not a top priority. We need presentable bikes but they do not to be perfectly clean. So Friday we indeed did the first bike wash of the camp and did the first control of the bikes (after building them just a few days ago).
Friday’s bike wash meant we had nothing to do Saturday (after the ride) except fix the flats we might have gotten. We even decided to fix the flats Sunday morning. After the ride we all had lunch and Juan, Chris and I had a plan to go shopping to spend some time away from camp. The riders had the same idea. The van was full of riders just as I waked out of the lunch area. You could almost hear the team cars peeling out of the parking lot on their way to fun outside if camp.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.