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UCI releases list of 2013 Pro Continental teams

Posted on 19th December, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

Earlier today the UCI released the final* list of 2013 Professional Continental teams, the second division in ranking below the Pro Tour teams. Included are two North American teams:

Team Novo Nordisk (previously Team Type 1)
United HealthCare Professional Cycling Team

That’s one less team due to the loss of Spidertech.

For the full list, see Union Cycliste Internationale.

Mechanics: As a reminder, please let us know of any changes in your team employment based on these updates.

* almost refers to the fact that there are still three teams who potentially may appear in this division

Big Technical Changes May be Coming From UCI

Posted on 9th November, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

According to VeloNews, Julien Carron, UCI’s technical coordinator, is stepping down. Julien spearheaded the program for frame and fork approval and has been pushing to have other product categories added. According to this update a successor has already been named and will take over at the start of 2013.

What does this mean for you, the race mechanic? We aren’t sure yet. We suggest you continue to work with your frame and wheel suppliers to make sure your equipment is both approved and properly labeled.

The VeloNews article:

For those who are not familiar with the program, UCI’s protocall for frames, forks wheels and some apparel can be found here:

UCI to require lawyer tabs?

Posted on 21st March, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

Could it be time to throw away your gapping tools? Based on this article on Velonews the UCI will be enforcing the rule against modifying products for racing. In most cases, this is a given and shouldn’t affect teams using stock items. However, they specifically call out the task of filing the lawyer tabs from forks as this “cancels the warranty of the fork in case of crash”.

What would this mean for you in the future? Slower wheel changes!
This could also lead to bicycle vendors supplying two versions of forks, one for general consumers, one for racing.What this means for UCI frame/fork approvals…who knows. All speculation at this point.

Read more here:
UCI to require lawyer tabs, dictate Camelbak placement and sock length.

Are Your Saddles UCI Compliant?

Posted on 22nd December, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off


According to the folks in the UK, the UCI has stated they will begin regular enforcement of the saddle tilt rule as well as the new bottle size and placement rule starting March 1st. Issues related to saddle tilt popped up this year with random enforcement of a rarely discussed rule. The bottle issue is new and sounds like an attempt to keep riders using bottles for hydration and not for aerodynamic enhancement.

Read more at BikeBiz: UCI to enforce saddle tilt rule in 2012

And more at

Is your team ready for a ProTour license?

Posted on 26th June, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

Five ProTour licenses expire this year. Think your team has the money and influence to earn one of those spots?

Now’s the time to find out. Send your application in to the UCI.

UCI offers Bicycle Technical Regulation Guide

Posted on 16th June, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) just added a Practical Guide to Implementing the Technical Regulations for Bicycles to their website. What does this mean for you? They are hoping this will solve all your questions regarding frame dimensions, wheel sizes, aero profile shapes and the appropriate positions for aero bars.
So, now that this is out, we are assuming that the UCI is hoping that we can all:

stop producing bikes that are too aero
stop tilting your aero bars upward
stop placing your saddles too far forward
stop riding bikes that fit if you are very short or very tall
stop our bitching and just obey the rules

Let’s not dissapoint them. Download your copy, read the rules and OBEY!

Dates for UCI Aero Component Compliance

Posted on 13th May, by CClinton in Industry, RaceCircuit. Comments Off

UCI has released final dates for teams to comply with Article 1.3.024 regarding accessories used in time trials such as the handlebars, seat post and cranks.

1 July 2009 – Aero Handlebars
1 January 2010 – Other components

More details to follow in June.

Recent web articles:
The official announcement from Union Cycliste International
Detailed article from BikeRumor on the affects to manufacturers

Radio Bans for U23 and more on the way…

Posted on 28th February, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

Its only been a few years since teams began using them; however, rider radio communication may be on its way out. Back in March of ’04 the folks within UCI began discussions regarding the removal of race radio communication between riders and their team staff. Most of the teams raised a major stink causing UCI to back down. A short time after that they banned radio use by Juniors in hopes of fostering better riders, those capable of making decisions on their own. This seemed to go over well amongst the racing world.

It’s now 2008 and the subject seems to have popped up again. On February 15th UCI announced the formation of two new ‘working groups’, one of which will ‘treat the question of radio transmissions and coaching during competitions’. Then yesterday CyclingNews announced that the UCI has banned radio …

Yes, a US ProTour Team!

Posted on 5th February, by CClinton in RaceCircuit. Comments Off

With the loss of Team Discovery came the loss of the only North American ProTour team. Well, things have just changed!
As of February 4th the UCI has approved Team High Road’s move from Germany to the United States. The team previously known as Team Telekom will now call San Luis Obispo, California home. This move also includes the women’s program which increases the number of North American Elite Women’s teams to two. Stay tuned for more information on George Hincapie, Greg Henderson, Michael Barry, Mara Abbott, Judith Arndt, Ina Teutenburg and more.

More information is available on Team High Road’s website.