UCI offers Bicycle Technical Regulation Guide

UCI logoThe UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) just added a Practical Guide to Implementing the Technical Regulations for Bicycles to their website. What does this mean for you? They are hoping this will solve all your questions regarding frame dimensions, wheel sizes, aero profile shapes and the appropriate positions for aero bars.
So, now that this is out, we are assuming that the UCI is hoping that we can all:

  • stop producing bikes that are too aero
  • stop tilting your aero bars upward
  • stop placing your saddles too far forward
  • stop riding bikes that fit if you are very short or very tall
  • stop our bitching and just obey the rules

Let’s not dissapoint them. Download your copy, read the rules and OBEY!


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.