Soaking up a little sun.

Giro rest day # 2
Up at 8:00
Breakfast: 8:30
I could have slept in even more with no real schedule for breakfast. But for me at this point 8:00 is TRULY sleeping in. That’s one and a half to TWO solid hours more than I usually get.
With another well deserved rest day, it meant a nice easy day. While no real structure today it was fairly relaxed for all. The guys went on a 3 hour training ride but that’s about all. Benoit and Belika were supposed to drive to Milan center for a riders meeting but somehow they got lost and missed it. Those two rode together later in the afternoon, while the bulk of the team rode at 10:00. With a few spare wheels Sean and Lorenzo followed the guys so they could have water and not have to stop if they flatted.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Geoff, Allen and I prepped tomorrow’s race wheels with the correct cog combinations for the flat(ish) stage. Yesterdays stage had a Cat 2 -GPM so we had climbing gears on even though they eventually (at the last minute) eliminated the climb. So an easy day changing cogs on all the race wheels and spare wheels and spare bikes. An easy day but still necessitating changing about 25 sets of cogs total.
After lunch it was time to get caught up with Laundry. Laundry is done daily but we usually only do a little each day for each of us. With the truck parked and not going anywhere, it is easy to do ALL of our dirty laundry. After laundry and lunch (not in that order) it was a day to relax. Geoff, Allen and I walked to a place next door and treated ourselves to some Gelatto. Lorenzo arrived so we doubled up and had a second serving of Gelatto. Difficult to say not to a second helping as it is SOOOOOOO good.
But, with all that, the three of us mechanics decided to go for a walk. Across the road was a small man made lake for rowing competitions. Beautiful venue with magnificent grandstands and timing systems. So we went for a solid 90 minute walk to (sort of) ward off some of the calories we consumed from the Gelatto. All the while soaking up a little sun.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.