Vince Gee

Ciao Guys – A day of shuttles for me.

Up at 7:30
Depart for race: 10:05
Today’s stage is from Lissone to Varazze. But for me, Monday was my last day as I leave tomorrow for the USA and the Pro Road Championships in Philadelphia. So I helped Geoff and Allen pump tires, rack cars and since we washed cars yesterday, a bit more time to relax before the guys headed off to the stage start. It was kind of sad to see the guys go off to the race with still 5 stages to go in the Giro. But I am point man for ALL US races so I had to be in Philly in time for riders and staff to arrive.
After the guys left for the stage, I took a shuttle to the (close by) Linate airport in Eastern Milan. It was only 3K from our hotel but unfortunately I had to fly from the Malpense airport which is all the way on the North west side of Milan. But, an easy inter airport shuttle takes me from Linate airport to the Malpense airport. I then get yet one more shuttle to a hotel for tonight. Three shuttles later I get to a small hotel and yet another day of no stress and little work. Tomorrow I fly in the morning so I can get within close proximity to the best Cheese Steaks in the world.
Got to say Ciao to the Giro guys who still have 5 days to go and as it is a day of shuttles for me.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.