Keeping Your Team Organized

Ever wondered how the professional teams are able to keep things in order. Its all in the organization. They know where their riders are and when they compete. They know when riders and staff are arriving and how they are getting to the event. They have housing arrangements and transportation taken care of prior to the event. The better teams also have this laid out in a form which is provided to the staff enabling them to know what their duties are and when certain functions are to be performed.

We spent some time with Giana Roberge of Team Speed Queen (a former director of the Saturn Racing Team) who provided us with some forms to help you stay just as organized as the professional teams. The forms are found at left under the license upgrade forms. Note: the samples shown below are from a previous form filled out by the Saturn Racing Team.

Race Information Sheet

racefrm11.gifThe first form is designed to hold the primary race information. With this form anyone working for the team will know where they are supposed to be, who is coming and where they are staying.

The top section includes space for the primary event information such as the date, name, location and local airports.


The next section includes space for information on housing and contact information for the promoter. With this section any member of the team or staff can make changes to housing and contact the promoter if something occurs prior to or during the race.

racefrm31.gifThe next portion provides space for information on staff and athlete information. Begin each column with the initials of the people who are affiliated with the team. This should be permanent on your form so that marks can be placed under the people participating and blank space is left below those who are not. This way a person who is handed this list will know who is and isn’t attending the event.

The last section of the form is available for general notes such as meeting schedules, additional flight information and anything else you can think of.

racefrm41.gifDaily Schedule

The daily schedule form is laid out for more specific information on each day of racing. If using this form, make sure each stage has its own form filled in.

The top portion of the form includes space for event info and meeting times as well as timing for the event. The next portion is broken down into men’s and women’s sections in case you have both with your club or team at one event. Space has been provided in each for event times, who is competing, staff, and how long it takes to get there. you can get as specific as you want including who is driving which vehicle.

The next portion refers to meal plans and is followed by airport transportation issues such as departure times and vehicles to use. The last section is open for initials of the athletes and staff.

If you get a chance, thank Gianna at the next event for helping out and making you life easier. And don’t forget to check out her website for information on racing at

Race Information Sheet

Daily Schedule


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