The Invaluable Box

By Bernard Kocis, 2001

golfcases1.jpgI’ve been using a piece of luggage for the past 2 years that has proven itself to be invaluable…a hard-shell golf club case!

I bought mine at a local golf supermegaultrastore for less than I found online, it is made by SKB, measures approx.12″ in circumference and 52″ in height, has drag and lift handles, 3 locking latches and a padded interior on top end (about 12″). SKB offers FREE replacement hardware through their 800 number.

It traveled to the Sydney Paralympics loaded with 2 Ultimate stands, 4 Silca pumps, work overalls, rain suit, spare bars, tubes, tires, saddles and a custom Ultimate tool box stand! And kept the weight under airline limits.

I have checked it Domestically without excess baggage charge! (Just leave off the bike specific decals.)
Internationally, I always get routed through Agriculture screening since they assume I have been tramping through Mad Cow infested golf greens.

And a little alternative tool for truing Mavic Ksyriums, if you don’t have the plastic Mavic truing key, use a leatherman pliers, the serrations of the jaws (on mine at least) match the splines of the nipple and provide good contact for adjustment. Of course, the proper tool is the best tool.

(Web Editors Note: Companies like Kore have also utilized the hard golf case to make carrying items simpler.)


Bernard KOCIS
CANE CREEK Professional Tech Support
US Disabled Cycling Team Mechanic


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.