Oh Happy Days

It is interesting to see the people who mingle around in hopes to see Lance and/or the team. As each day passes the group of onlookers gets larger and larger. But then some just happen to be here for vacation, work or a slew of other reasons.
Yesterday, as I was walking to my room, I saw someone in the Lobby that looked familiar. I noticed her but did not really think much of it. I just thought it was an average Jane who looked like the star I once grew up on. I got to my room only to have Dave (Soigneur) instantly comment on her also. Although he was sure it was the real star and not someone who looked like her.
So I had to go back out to the Lobby to see if it really was Mrs. C. That of course was her TV characters name. In real life she goes by Marion Ross of Happy Days fame. It was as if she was in a time capsule as she seemed to hardly age. She was apparently here on business doing some filming for a project that she did not elaborate on.
I was chatting with her and she noticed my team vest. She asked if I was there with the team and asked if she could meet the team. So one day she came by our team lunch and said hello. She asked if anyone knew who she was and many of the Americans (like school kids) raised their hands in awe. In contrast many of the Euros (Spanish, Colombians, Russians and Belgians for example) drew a blank stare. Few of them ever had regular shows broadcast.
I grew up on a staple of Happy Days shows. Fonzie, Richie, Joni, Potsie Ralph Malph and of course Mr. and Mrs. C (or Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham). So, for me it was a real treat to meet her.
Here I am with Mrs. C


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