Vince Gee

The Italian (looking for a) job

Here in Solvang it is low key. The town is small and there for few who live here who know of our location. But then there are some who seek us out. Some will come from Santa Barbara and some from even farther away. No matter, there is always an increasing number of autograph/photograph seekers each day. And some of them want to ride with the team. With the Internet, articles are written and pictures are taken and suddenly everyone knows where we are.
Well, there is one guy determined enough to try to find us. This guy has got spunk for sure. I did not see him myself but apparently some Italian pro few here to meet with Johan. He used to ride with Molbivetta either last year or the year before. I also don’t know if he was let go this past winter of he was unemployed for a year. Regardless, he flew her to get a job. He found out via our fabulous Internet that we were having camp here in Solvang. He got a round trip ticket to L. A. and took a bus from LAX to Solvang and showed up at out hotel. He was seen sitting in the lobby waiting for Johan.
On the positive side I give him kudos for finding out where we are. Kudos for getting a ticket here. The sheer determination to get a job by flying across the Atlantic has got to give him a notch on the plus side over others who simply call Johan or fax him a resume. Probably the only negative thing he did (or failed to do) was check our roster. We have 25 riders. The maximum limit imposed by the UCI. Even if he was good we could not hire him. We would have to fire someone to add him and the legal issues regarding canceling a riders contract is probably overwhelming.
The Italian (looking for a) job. Dude! Do your homework!!!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.