“Ocean City, MD 3,032 miles”

As you enter Sacramento on I-80 east bound, there is a sign that says Ocean City, MD 3,032 miles. This sign is about 3 miles from my apartment in Midtown Sacramento.
The Sea Otter Stage race finished yesterday and I packed up everything last night. I wanted to go home one night to sleep in my own bed before driving the team truck to Georgia. But I decided to go at it straight away. So, this morning I drove home to unpack the things I would not need for the Tour of Georgia and pack the few (extra) things I needed. I was home 4 hours and I basically did a U-turn and headed to Georgia at about 3:00 PM.
On my way to Georgia, I stopped one night at the Bolch bed and breakfast run by Dave (our team soigneur). He does not really have a B&B but it is my B&B when I am in his town. I had to stop by to also get some supplies he had shipped to his house as well as a massage table for one of our Euro soigneurs coming to Georgia.
I had planned on trying to arrive in Savannah, GA on Saturday afternoon. But I was going well and arrived Friday night. In total it was 2,960 miles from my apartment in Sacramento to Savannah. In hours, it tool 54 hours of driving. Not counting stooping for gas, eating and bathroom breaks.
I’ll always be able to deal with driving a ton but I don’t ever think I will like it any more. I used to like to drive a lot when I first started wrenching with Saturn but now, I think I can do without it. Another 72 miles and I could have been in Ocean City, Maryland.


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