New Bike Tools for 2006

  1. Park Tool Rotor ToolPark Rotor Tools
    One of the most common mountain bike complaints is the consistent rubbing of the rotor on the caliper. Park Tool has joined the efforts to fight rotor drag with the DT-2. Its easy to hold and does a better job of straightening rotors than a wrench and without creating bite marks. Can’t find the exact spot to straighten? Use the new DT-3 with your truing stand to pinpoint the exact spot.
    Park DT-3Park Mavic wrench
  2. Park Spoke wrenches
    With new wheels come funky spokes and crazy nipples. Tired of stripping your plastic Mavic spoke wrenches and loosing your tiny Shimano wrenches. Park comes to the rescue with double sided metal wrenches, the SW-13 and SW-14.
    Park open packPark pack closed
  3. Race Pack Kit
    Tired of schlepping your tools to the top of the hill or to the pit in the your pocket or carrying your heavy case? Park comes to the rescue with a RK-41, a race pack that holds 41 tools, sits nicely on your back and opens to a display pack at the pit.
  4. Pedros spoke wrenches
    The yellow tool company also put together a spoke wrench for the yellow wheel company. Pedros opted for a more traditional shape for their Mavic spoke wrench and included both size splines.
    Pedros Spoke WrenchPedros BB tool
  5. Pedros Bottom Bracket Socket Holder
    Tired of your bb socket slipping? Pedros comes to the rescue with a socket holder designed for both tapered and splined bb axles.
  6. Mavic Cosmic toolMavic Cosmic spoke wrench

    It’s time to recycle your old L shaped Cosmic wrench as they just released a smaller steel wrench with more space for fingers. The thinner diameter fits both the older wheels and the newer carbon wheels with smaller holes.

Thanks to Park Tool and Pedros for photos


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