Mechanic’s License

So, what is this license anyway? USA Cycling, the organizing body of bicycle racing in the United States, offers people the opportunity to receive a mechanic’s license. It is not a certification that the holder has received mechanical training, rather, it is a document proving that the holder has a general knowledge of what is necessary to provide support at a bicycle race or for a bicycle team. This license is acknowledged by all the affiliated programs of USA Cycling and by UCI.

Reasons for a License

Higher Potential for Work

Licensed mechanics are included on contact lists used by most technical support programs, tend to receive higher pay than non-licensed mechanics and are sought out by teams and corporate programs. Plus, licensed mechanics are included on the mechanics list on ProMechanics.


Licensed mechanics receive coverage from USA Cycling’s insurance plan while working USA Cycling sanctioned events.

Challenge and Recognition Program

The license program allows mechanics to track their experience and earn higher license levels. Higher licenses could lead to more job opportunities and potential more pay. When working USA Cycling events, don’t forget to ask the Chief Referee to place your name and license number on their event form. There is a section set aside for this and it’s proof that you worked the event.

National Team and Olympic Programs

A license is required to work as a mechanic with the US Cycling Team, USA Cycling camps, USA Cycling regional teams, and international programs like the Pan Am Games, World Championships and the Olympics.

Business Promotion

A license provides bicycle retail stores the opportunity to prove they have a higher vested interest in the sport by included staff who have been trained in the rules and methods of racing.

Industry Support

On a more personal side, those who are licensed are offered discounts and other support from companies in the bicycle industry. For more information on these programs visit USA Cycling’s Member Benefits page.

License Information

More information on the Bill Woodul Mechanics’ Clinics. >>>

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