How to Use Our Site

So, you arrived at our site and are wondering where all the information you used to use is located. Here’s a quick run down:

Resources – the new home for tutorials, translations, tech tips, rule book, tool options, equipment options, mechanic clinic, gear charts, spoke calculator and race experience articles.

Community – a new interactive home for race mechanics. The Community section currently contains journal entries and lists of mechanics. Very soon we will be adding a job board and community blogs for race mechanics.

Latest News – updates regarding teams, mechanics, the industry and general information related to mechanics.

Archives – a list of our past updates and journal entries broken down by month and year.

Store – Our current online store for products related to mechanics.

Additional Items on pages:

  • search – can’t find an article or update? Try the new search bar on the top of the page.
  • subscriptions – you can now sign up for updates that are sent to your RSS reader or email.
  • sign in – there is a section at the top allowing members to sign in. Are you a licensed mechanic? Would you like a blog of your own? Stay tuned as this feature is coming up very soon.
  • tabs – most pages include a tabbed block in the center column. Click on these tabs to see our most recent updates, our most popular updates and articles and quickly find mechanics. An additional tabbed section on the front page allows you to get quick updates on the industry, journal entries and updates from the race circuit.
  • right column – the right column contains links to our current journals, quick links to new, upcoming events being attended by neutral support programs and random videos.

If you need a hand or want to send us a note, click on the Contact Us link at the top.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new layout.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.