How to get out of follow car duty.

Today was the longest ride of the camp. The schedule was for 6 to 7 hours. All week I had been talking about the Superbowl. For me it was a little more special because my Oakland Raiders were in the finals. So, all week I talked about the superbowl. The rest of the staff, being Europeans, did not really get excited about it as they follow Soccer substantially more. To them Soccer IS the real football game.
So, I had a double plan. To watch the game and try to get out of following the training ride. It worked. Julien said I could stay at the hotel and two others got to do the following of the training ride. Actually (hindsight) I could have gone in the follow car. The ride ended a little quicker than they had planed. Total ride time was 5 hours 45 minutes. A full 45 minutes before kick off time.
While they were on the ride Julien and Geoff put together two bikes for sponsors and I did a little clean up and organizing. We finished all the hotel work by noon and ate lunch. I even took a short Siesta. A well deserved nap was just what the doctor ordered. Back out to the truck and I sat only for a short while. The riders arrived, we packed the bikes in the storage container and off to watch the game. Yeah. That’s the way to get out of the follow car duty.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.