Hi Tech timing

Today we will use a new (for me) timing/results system. Some of you may have seen it is pictures before in some races. We will use a little transmitter. It mounts on the front axle and hangs down. It is about two centimeters tall by two centimeters long by one centimeter wide. As the riders pass the finish line a signal will be sent to the timing system to tabulate results. We will use normal frame and body numbers also.
In 1996, just before the Olympics, we did the First Union Grand Prix in Atlanta, Georgia. That year we used another electronic timing/results system. I believe they were testing it for the Olympics later that year. It was not small but you could not really tell unless you were close to the bike. It was basically a frame number plate that was about a centimeter thick with a transmitter inside. Someone told me that one number/treansmitter was a few thousand dollars per number. Multiplied by about 150 riders, that would add up to some serious coin. Today’s version is a lot cheaper.


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