Giro D’Italia — Stage 8

Relax! Those are orders


Directors: Sean and Lorenzo

Soigneurs: Elvio, Kurt and Vincent and Dimitri

Soigneur/Bus driver: Valentine

Mechanics: Craig, Nick and I (and for the first week, Chris)

Doctor: Dag

Cook: Duffy (among his other important duties — too many to list)

Media: PJ

I just arrived at the Giro last night and today is stage # 8. Doctor Dag picked me up from the airport yesterday. We had a fun time returning to the hotel via the GPS. It wanted to send us on a dirt road that dead ended. So we dispatched with that mode and did our own search and found the hotel. Mostly Dag did since I had not been to the hotel as of yet and he just came from there.

I missed the first week of racing due to personal matters. But it is good to be back in the swing of things. Yesterday evening upon my arrival, Craig and Nick were finishing the bikes so I was told to sit in a chair and relax. Chris was super cool and stuck around the first week of the Giro until I got there.

Since I just flew in, Craig and Nick decided that I would do hotel for two days to slowly get into the swing of things. I actually prefer to go full gas and not sit around and let the time zone change enter my mind. Regardless, today was a relax intro to my Giro as hotel mechanic.

Today would have been cool to be in the car. Mainly because the course went through the Autodromo Ferrari. Enough said. But I’ll take the relaxed day even though I missed out on a cool venue.