Vince Gee

Home But Barely

Tour de Georgia

So, my plan was to drive to Greenville, SC, park the truck at a friends
place and fly home. Then just before US Pro, I would take my return
flight to Greenville and pick up the truck and easily get to the hotel
in one day. No biggie. With my big suitcase full of clean laundry and
able to leave it in the truck, I would fly home easily (traveling
light). Or so I would think. My flight was for 2:25 PM. I had breakfast
at a leisurely pace. A few thing to do at the truck (besides unhooking
the power and water). And I could be off. Some chatting and I realized
it was now 10:30 and an easy 2.5 hour drive to Greenville. So, I tried
to get the hell out of Dodge (or in this case Atlanta, GA). I got to
Greenville about 1:15 and met up with my friends who took me to the spot
where I would be able to park the truck. The spot he wanted was cool but
the length of time I would need would mean it could be in his way from
time to time. So, I asked him about the back side. Sure he said. But he
would have to move a couple of cars. So the car which had no engine and
two pretty flat tires had to be dragged by his truck. After doing all of
that, parking the truck and getting back to the office so my other fiend
could take me, it was now 1:45. And with the airport 20 minutes away, my
friend said I would be late. I’m usually the guy who gets to the airport
fairly early. Maybe not as early as they suggest but usually plenty of
time. I’m an hour plus guy for domestic flights but this time I would
not have that window. I get to the counter and the ticket agent said I
was 6 minutes late. But she sees that I have no check luggage and
because of that, she would check me in. I ran to the gate to see them
boarding still as the plane was actually delayed by about 10 minutes. I
was glad. I was just barely going to make the last (real/scheduled)
boarding call. I got home. But barely