Here at training camp we have 5 mechanics. Julien, Chris, Geoff, Juan and I are here, while Alan, a part timer from England (and had been with us for at least a few years) is home for now. We had a 7th mechanic too.
Yaroslav Popovich from Ukraine (one of our newly signed riders) was to bring another rider, a Soigneur and a mechanic with him that was part of his contract. He has done really well at the Giro in the past so he has the power to ask for such personnel additions.
Well, just about a week before this camp the new mechanic decided to stop being a team mechanic and quit his position with our team. Kind of sad that he did not decide earlier. He had more than a few months to think about it and only told us just before camp.
In cycling terms DNS means “Did Not Start.” So our camp has just started and we already have a DNS.


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