Vince Gee

Are we gonna have camp?

The original plan for training camp was to be as follows.
The mechanics were to arrive here in Solvang on Jan 6 to build bikes. The soigneurs were to also arrive in Solvang on the 8th to organize their supplies. The riders and management were to fly from their respective homes on the 9th into Silver Springs, MD for the official team presentation on the 10th. Immediately after the team presentation they would then fly to L.A. and be transferred by coach to Solvang to arrive by about 11:00 PM.
With the storms that have been pummeling the west coast it made the coach transfer harder to deal with. The coach service was based in Santa Barbara and many of the roads (Hwy. 101 and Hwy. 152) to and from Los Angeles were blocked due to mud slides. So our coach company could not even get to the riders/managment in LA.
We had to decide another plan to get riders and management to Solvang.
So plan B was to organized a new coach but unfortunately not till Tuesday morning. So tonight instead of having all of our riders and management arrive they now would stay in L.A. for the night.
Are we gonna have camp?


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.