Could it have waited?

Today’s stage was the final stage of the Redlands Stage Race. It was 5 days and 5 stages. Not to bad. It was kind of weird weather. Cold as hell for almost all of the stages. Redlands has experienced all aspects of the weather spectrum. Cold, Hot, Rain, Snow, Fog, Wind. You name it and it probably happened here. Almost every day here it seemed that there were dark clouds looming. But never really rain.
After today’s circuit race finished it was back to the hotel to pack some bikes for riders to go home and also pack the truck for our drive to Monterey for the Sea Otter classic. All was going well until we finished washing a few bikes and started packing some bikes. The clouds opened up and started pouring down on us. Even with and Awning on one side and a metal flip door on the back it was not possible to stay dry. We got soaked. I seemed easier to just try to finish the work than to go and try to put some rain gear on. Time was also an issue so going to get rain gear would make it harder to finish in time to get riders on their respective airline flights. If it could have waited an hour we would have made it through Redlands without getting wet. Oh, well. Not all races can be perfect.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.