Vince Gee

I earned my days pay today

Today was a double stage day here at the Sea Otter Classic. A morning 17 mile TT followed by a late afternoon 50 mile (approximately) criterium. All told it was less than 70 miles worth of races today. Easy by normal standards if it was only one 70 mile stage. Split it into two stages and it would be and all day affair.
Our first rider was to start at 10:10. He would want to be on stationary wind trainer about an hour before his start. Since I wanted to be there and hour before that, it meant leaving the hotel by 7:30 to get there by 8:00. So I was up by about 6:30 to eat breakfast and be at the truck by 7:15 to get the bikes out so they could ride there and hit the road to drive to the TT by 7:30.
After all my riders finished the morning TT, We packed up the truck to return to the hotel and prepare for the afternoon TT. We left the TT venue at about 12:15 and stopped at a burrito shack for a quick bite. It would be tight so we ate as I drove to the hotel, arriving at about a little before 1:00. We were to depart for the Criterium by 2:00 so only one hour to prepare bikes and spare bikes and spare wheels. We did it. And to top it off we were able to pull off washing the (four) TT bikes from the morning stage. Two of our riders crashed today. Dylan was OK but Robby Ventura was not so lucky. He is pretty beat up and is out of commission for quite a while. So on top of the day to day stuff we had to resurrect Robby’s bike. Since he was leaving to go home and needed his bike ready to race when he recovered from his injuries, I had to do it right away. We finished all of our work after the criterium by about a little before 8:00. So, almost a 14 hour day. For sure I earned today’s pay.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.