Code of Conduct

The Mechanics Advisory Council recommends the following code of conduct for mechanics supporting competitive cyclists. Mechanics shall conduct themselves in a professional manner by:

  1. acquiring and applying the most current and effective mechanical techniques.
  2. upholding the highest possible standards of honesty, fairness, integrity and cheerfulness.
  3. putting the physical welfare of participants and spectators first.
  4. respecting confidentiality among coaches, teams, riders and journalists.
  5. reporting thefts to the proper authorities.
  6. always returning items borrowed, and by providing clear, written accounts of items missing or consumed.
  7. modeling appropriate conduct for cyclists both within and beyond the sport setting.
  8. sharing helpful information with other mechanics.
  9. promoting the goals of the sponsoring organizations, such as USA Cycling, US TRIFED, NBL, and other organizations who make events and participation possible.
  10. remaining neutral and fair to all members of the team ad by avoiding favoritism. Special attention to athletes as instructed by the coach or manager for the benefit of the team should not be considered favoritism.

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