Check Out These New Tools

Its show time and that means new tools are being debuted. Though the show is still a couple weeks away, we are starting to receive some tool announcements:

XTools – aimed toward fishermen, these tools are a great option for those who could use a floating wrench. You might not need it now but the next time it rains or your buddy asks you to help with his boat…

Calipers, ruler and pen in one – The Messograf is this and more. Check them out at Passion4Pens.

BucketVac – turns a 5 gallon bucket into shop vac.

New Inner/Outer reemer – Its time to unload my trusty red barrel reamer for one of these from Ridgid. More cutting surfaces and they don’t look as ‘cheap’.

It-Clips – not a tool but a way to turn used tubes into a tool, such as a strap to hold your gear together or keep your pants from falling off.

Spring loaded small parts holder – working on smaller parts, need an extra hand? Give this product from Micro-Mark a try.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.