New Tools Just in Time for the Holidays

Still looking for the right gift? Here are some options for you or the mechanic in your family:

The Nachteule
For those who work late into the night, shed some light on their projects with a handy LED light that clips onto a pair of glasses. At only 8 grams, you could wear it all day or toss it in your travel case and not worry about the added weight. More information at:

Nachteule night owl light
Nachteule night owl light


mini ratchet
mini ratchet
A compact wratchet that can be used to replace standard hex and torx wrenches. Though this doesn’t replace a torque wrench, this is still a nice piece for the tool box. Also lightweight at only 28 grams. More information here and a quick review here

The Nail Holder
There are a lot of options for preventing purple and sore fingers when setting nails. This is one handy version.
A discussion on the tool can be found here: and you can find the tool here:

Nail Starter
Nail Starter

Other options:
Nail Gripper
Nail Holder
Nail Saver


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