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Neutral Support Program For Sale

Posted on 9th December, by CClinton in Industry, RaceCircuit. Comments Off on Neutral Support Program For Sale

A great opportunity exists for someone ready to take the helm of an existing neutral support program. Chris Zigmont has taken on a new task and is seeking a buyer for this seasoned program.

Per Chris on Facebook:“Système-D Neutral Racing Service Friends, our wonderful little NRS outfit may well be shutting its doors. We’ve got gear, we’ve got races, and we’ve got more and more interest. The trouble is, I’ve taken a new day job that will keep me from running Système-D. Do you want to run it? Do you want to buy the gear? Chime in.”

For more details, see these sites:

USA Cycling Race Mechanics Facebook page
System-D’s company page
System-D’s Facebook page


Shimano purchases BikeFitting.com

Posted on 4th April, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Shimano purchases BikeFitting.com

Not sure how this will affect US retailers; however, this acquisition could definitely help Shimano’s PRO component business. Let the speculation begin:

Could we see a move that ties Shimano and PRO into one fitting program?
New fitting lectures from this major component supplier?
PRO branded fitting tools?

We’ll have to wait and see.

More are the acquisition here:

Shimano acquires BikeFitting.com BV | Bicycle Business | BikeBiz.

And the company website is here:

Post Round-Up: March

Posted on 3rd April, by CClinton in Industry, News, RaceCircuit, Tools. Comments Off on Post Round-Up: March

Where mechanics and items related to mechanics appeared on the web during March.

British Triathlon updates their rulebook: http://www.britishtriathlon.org/news/new-british-triathlon-rule-book-now-published_1969

Ralf Medloff’s transition from ballroom dancer to head mechanic for the Jelly Belly pro cycling team:


Design review of Bike Repair Tool Kits


Some pretty cool photos and video of the Radio Shack Nissan Trek team preparing for early season races.. Includes shots inside their team truck.


Review of UCI’supdated regulations on bikes, including sizing and drop out. (let us know if you need a copy, the UCI has been asking sites to pull their copies from the web)


BikeRadar’s suggestions for best bicycle tool kits



Post Round-Up: February

Posted on 6th March, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Post Round-Up: February

Where mechanics and items related to mechanics appeared on the web during February.

Top ten zombie killing tools and how to use them:


Interview with Park Tool’s Director of Education Calvin Jones:


List of top tool blogs for those seeking more sites to track:



Post Round-Up: January

Posted on 8th February, by CClinton in Industry, News, RaceCircuit, Tools. Comments Off on Post Round-Up: January

Where mechanics and items related to mechanics appeared on the web during January.

Experiences of a race mechanic when traveling overseas:


A designer’s look at tool wraps:


Continuing Education. VeloNews’ Nick Legan reviews the Georgia round of the Park Tool  Tech Summit:


Tool-dots – hang your tools how you want them, where you want them:


Neural doping? Would that be cheating?

Posted on 8th December, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Neural doping? Would that be cheating?

I can’t wait for my first experience with a racer on this system. I think it might go like this:

Rider pulls up next to support card.

Rider: “My bike’s not shifting correctly”

Mechanic: “We can help. Hey, where are your shifters?”

Rider: “In my head. This bike is neural.”

Mechanic: “Sorry, we didn’t bring spare brains.”

Don’t get me wrong, this is an intriguing idea and I’d like to check it out in person. I just wonder if the UCI would quickly make up a new rule stating that athletes were not allowed to shift with their brains, that this is cheating when properly used by smarter athletes. Neural Doping?

The Toyota Prius X Parlee Concept Bike – YouTube.

Interview: Chip Howat, Tubular Tire Expert – BikeRadar

Posted on 27th October, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Interview: Chip Howat, Tubular Tire Expert – BikeRadar

Interview: Chip Howat, Tubular Tire Expert – BikeRadar.

BikeRadar Editor,  James Huang, interviews Collin “Chip” Howat, the reining expert on tubular tires.

Who’s Chip? We first met Chip as a student of the Bill Woodul Mechanics’ Clinic. Since that time he’s been a significant part of the clinic and has spent more time working with tubulars than many tubular manufacturers. For details on his tests and detailed results on tubular glue compatibility, aging and more, see his website here.

Park Tool Releases 2012 Tech Summit Dates

Posted on 7th October, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Park Tool Releases 2012 Tech Summit Dates

What are you doing this winter? Park Tool just released dates for their two 2012 Tech Summits.

Atlanta: January 23-24

Minneapolis: February 20-21

This year’s presenting brands will be:

Park Tool
Cane Creek
Fox Racing Shox
SRAM, Avi, Rock Shox

More details can be found on their website:
Park Tool Co. » Park Tool Tech Summit

Fox iRD (Intelligent Ride Dynamics)

Posted on 21st September, by CClinton in Industry, Tools. Comments Off on Fox iRD (Intelligent Ride Dynamics)

At this year’s Interbike show Fox Racing Shox was showing off their prototype iRD (intelligent Ride Dynamics) system which allows you to optimize your suspension setup through your cell phone. The system requires a special shock to be mounted to your frame and uses ANT+ digital signals to work with cellular devices.

A video is available on Bike Rumor.

More Self Service Kiosks

Posted on 25th July, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on More Self Service Kiosks

Today we learned of BikeFixtation, another self service bike repair kiosk. Two of their Kiosks have hit Minneapolis.

More information here: Bike Fixtation

Another kiosk: Trek’s Bike Stop in Madison

Bringing Tools to the Masses

Posted on 3rd February, by CClinton in Industry, Tools. Comments Off on Bringing Tools to the Masses

On Bike Radar today: http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/repair-stations-pop-up-on-fresno-state-campus-29171?CPN=RSS&SOURCE=BRGENHOME

The Alternative Transportation Fund at Fresno State is setting up repair stations on campus in an effort to help cyclists make minor repairs and continue riding. It’s an interesting idea and could be very useful for the more savvy students. Will we see units like this pop up on other campuses?

Are skinny tires better?

Posted on 2nd February, by CClinton in Industry. Comments Off on Are skinny tires better?

For years riders have been asking for narrow tires at higher pressure thinking that lower profiles will improve aerodynamics and that the narrower contact patch on the ground ground will reduce rolling resistance. Anything for an extra second or two in savings. Too bad their thinking has been incorrect. Backed by experience and discussions with tire manufacturers, most race mechanics know that there is an ideal point for tire pressure and tire width and its been lower and wider than most riders would think.

Today, CyclingNews editor and Bill Woodul Mechanics’ Clinic graduate, James Huang, released an article on his trip to Wheel Energy in Finland. Wheel Energy is a major resource for tire testing in the bicycle industry used by companies like Specialized, Bontrager and Vittoria. This article points out what we already knew, that lower tire pressures provide more …