And still bikes

Up at 7:30 and to breakfast at 8:00. Back outside to the parking lot at 9:00 again. Back to building bikes AGAIN. It’s almost like Ground hog day (the movie). Besides bike building there is always things to do. I wanted to upgrade our air compressor so Geoff spent some time adding a better gauge, a hose for our bike wheels, a coupling for car tire valves, a coupling to air dry (blow off) the bikes after the wash. Yesterday we had Pizza from a place 200 feet away. Basically it was easy and we did not have to put everything away just to close up shop. Today we did put everything away to close up shop so we could go to one of Julien’s favorite places. Andersons Pea Soup. He loves that place so the rest of the mechanics obliged him. A not too long of a day and we are up to about 24 bikes built. It’s a day we sort of look at as nice and (almost) boring. Nothing crazy. Just steady and easy.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.