Almost 48 hours

I just flew into Phoenix, AZ for round two of our three stage training camps. After December’s Austin camp, I drove to Phoenix and parked the truck here and flew home. It was cheaper to fly home and back than gas, food and hotel in each direction. Not to mention time saved driving. So it sure is nice to get to fly once in a while. Dave B. BJ Evans, Janet R (office personnel) and I are the first to arrive here in Phoenix (Actually Scottsdale).
I got the truck on the way from the airport after getting picked up by Dave on his way into town. Park the truck and a little dinner and it’s time for a little dinner. Since the riders don’t get in until Thursday it a nice treat to be here almost 48 hours in advance. Nice because it is quiet and we that are here have little pressure to do much. A lot of our preparation has been done. Just wait till the riders and remainder of the staff get here. Really the only thing we had to do was scout out the shopping. BJ and Dave wanted some camera related stuff. I saw some cool shops that I wanted to see and also some restaurants we could hit before we had to fall into like at the team organized meals. Kryspy Kream even got tested at 11 at night after dinner. Not 30 seconds into the donut shop we were greeted with “Would you like a free donut?” Heck no I’m not going to pass that up. That’s why I’m here in the first place. It seemed to be less than 12 seconds old as it was piping hot. Going to bed full now. Full but happy.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.