Vince Gee

Quickly run through the few tasks for the day

Only a few tasks to do today and more then relaxing and some shopping. Task for the day was organizing the parking area. The resort here coned off and entire parking lot for us. No, not a big one but big enough still. Big enough to park about 25 cars. All to ourselves. Last year we had a huge 40 foot storage container and a 20″ x 20″ tent. Since we had our team truck here we got a smaller 20 foot container for storage but kept the tent the same size.
It was fun watching the guys from the rental place erect the tent. I just imagined it being bigger and added some colors. Now as I watched, I pictured in my head guys erecting the big top at some huge circus. We are a circus act too. Or a zoo because soon swarms will arrive to gawk at us and take pictures. I got the tent because it would be good to have for the soigneurs to have Cliff bars, Cliff Shots and bottles ready for the ride out and away from potential weather. Also it was for the riders. Partly to hang out for a little while longer away from (any potential) bad weather and partially to be able to sit and put their shoes on since they have to walk to the staging area from their room in their street shoes. While the tent was getting put up the container arrived and placed it where I wanted. A few hours later our new hang out/Staging area was finished.
Today a few more staff arrived. One of them who was in charge reverted being like a rider. Our director. Do your research to find out Frankies last name. Oops, I gave it away. He E-mailed Dave, BJ and I, all the flight info for everyone including his own schedule. BJ made a trip to the airport to get Frankie. No Frankie. BJ somehow got through to someone (airline or Frankie or Frankie’s wife) and found out the time he gave us for his pick up was actually his departure time from his home airport. He was actually scheduled to arrive about 3 or so hours later. Can’t take the rider out of the Director can’t ya?


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.