“4,200 wrong turn?”

I have something extra to be excited about. Even though it took a lot of work and a long time to get it, I’m still excited. I got approval to get a team truck. Since our truck was ready just days before Redlands, I had to go out to Wisconsin to get it. It is a box truck that will hold bikes (about 16), wheels (about 42 pairs) and all the spare equipment. I’ll also carry wash hoses, buckets, degreaser (OK something to degrease my bikes but not really an official degreaser) power cords, drills and so much more. This will be so much better than last year when I had to empty the van into the hotel, pull it all out to work and put it all back into the hotel. The truck will save me hours of lugging it all in and out of the hotel. Sorry Dave, there is no kitchen (soigneurs area).
We are a division 1 team and have the biggest budget of all US teams. Up till now we have had to do our US Program with a van and a car. That alone sounds kind of silly. In Europe we have two (even larger) trucks, two busses, two vans and six cars. Now we are finally giving the US program some over due boost to make a bigger impact. Visually if nothing else. Last year we fielded small teams at races. Redlands and Sea Otter stage races were 7 rider teams but we sent an abbreviated team of 5 riders. This year we will be sending full teams to most of the races we do in the US.
Normally from Sacramento to Redlands is about 420 miles or so. I flew (2,000 plus miles) from Sacramento to Milwaukee on March 4th. I drove (2,100 miles) from Milwaukee on Monday the 5th through Thursday the 8th. I then packed the truck Friday the 9th and drove to Visalia, Ca to help Andy Stone/Shimano for two days (Sat. the 10th and Sun. the 11th). On Monday the 12th I drove from Visalia to Redlands. I’m a little tired but not too bad. I feel like I took a 4,200 mile wrong turn. But I don’t really care because I have a truck.


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