Vince Gee

In control

I pride myself on being prepared. I was taught that it is easier to do it before you get to the race (if you have what you need) rather than do it when you get to the hotel/race. Although I had things thrown at me at the prologue that I could have never prepared for in advance, I wish I felt I was in control. I was on top of it all but I think I had the appearance that I was not. I got through the Prologue TT without any problems. We were even first and second. Way to go for my first race of 2001.
The only downer was returning from the TT to the Hotel. Roland Green (our guest rider for Redlands) had won the TT so he had to stay at the finish for medical control and give a urine sample. Plus he was doing a few interviews. On top of that he wanted to ride home and Frankie wanted to follow Roland in the van on the way home. Frankie found Dave, BJ (part time Soigneur) Dave Zabriskie and I a ride back. Unfortunately our ride got us lost and we pulled int the hotel parking lot to see the van that Frankie used to follow Roland, sitting there. We got beat back to the hotel. I could have easily had half the bikes washed in that time. I was not in control of that.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.