2009 USAC Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic

Found recently on velonews.com, a press release regarding the recent USAC Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic…

USA Cycling graduates 49 from 2009 Bill Woodul Mechanics Clinic

by VeloNews.com

December 17, 2009Comments

Press Release

USA Cycling is pleased to congratulate the 49 graduates of the 2009 Bill Woodul Mechanics Clinic which took place at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Dec. 9-13.

Mechanics came from around the country to take part in the clinic which covered everything from wheel changes to bicycle design fundamentals, and from team mechanic responsibilities to tubular tire fundamentals. Three full days at the only instructional seminar of its kind in the world gave students the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, receive hands-on experience, and network with leaders in the cycling industry.

“I thought it was important for me to come here. I‘ve done some race support, both neutral and with teams over the past two years, and I really thought this would be a good opportunity to fill in some of the gaps and flesh out what I already knew,” student Max Thomas, from Minneapolis, explained during a wheel change class. “There are a lot of little techniques that will make it go faster and I knew I would get those here.”

The students come from a variety of backgrounds and goals, but all left with an enhanced ability to provide the best tools possible, for all types of riders. World-class race mechanics with national, as well as international, experience served as instructors and made presentations on topics including:

·     Race support across all disciplines of cycling

·     Team and neutral mechanic responsibilities

·     Coach and soigneur interaction

·     Wheel changes

·     Team inventory procedures

·     Bike inspection and wash

·     Tool, equipment, and supply needs

·     Bicycle design and material fundamentals

·     Fork theory and tuning

·     Wheel theory

·     Tubular tire fundamentals

·     DOT compliance

·     Packing and transportation

“The overall goal of the clinic is to increase mechanics’ skill sets in order to keep riders and spectators safe and also to raise the professionalism of the sport,” said Calvin Jones, who has been an instructor for the clinic every year since 1988. “And the number one thing that the license gives to mechanics is the education that they had to come through the clinic to get, as well as the networking and the opportunities to work at various USA Cycling events.”

The 49 graduates of this year’s clinic have now earned the right to carry a USA Cycling mechanic’s license – a right which makes them eligible for certain industry jobs with cycling-related companies or professional teams. The license also enhances their employment opportunities at local bike shops.

“It gives you both credibility and a means of insurance,” said Thomas. “You’re supported as part of a network. You can find work and your name is out there for people to contact you.”

The Bill Woodul Mechanic Clinic is named after USA Cycling mechanic Bill Woodul who held the first clinic in the late 1980’s as a way to recruit mechanics for his program. Past graduates of the program have gone on to work for teams all over the world.

Thank you to the following instructors for making the clinic possible:

Dave Arnauckas – Shimano

Butch Balzano – SRAM

Matt Bracken – Pedros

Chris Clinton – ProMechanics

Nick DeLauder – Fox Racing

T.J. Grove – Biketek, Inc.

Ric Hjertberg – Wheel Fanatyk

Chip Howat – C.S. Howat & Associates

Bernard Kocis – SRAM

Calvin Jones – Park Tool

Marc Niemiec – Mavic

Andy Stone – BMC Racing

Congratulations to these 2009 graduates:

Andrew Chaffee

Jack Lundquist

Stephen Pardita

Dustin Barrientes (Dallas, Texas)

Brian Bluemle (El Paso, Texas)

Bobby Charlton (Twin Falls, Idaho)

Roscoe Cummins (Calif.)

William Hall (Springfield, Mo.)

Kyle Jones (Eaton, Colo.)

Jim Jones (Athens, Ga.)

Robert Love (Longmont, Colo.)

Robert Malsch (Larkspur, Colo.)

Thomas Nyzio (Pawtuckt, RI)

Sam Siemens-Luthy (Steilacoom, Wash.)

Joseph Spuckler (Plano, Texas)

Clark Stough (Glendale, Ariz.)

William Swan (Bay City, Mich.)

Max Thomas (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Marcel Van Garderen (Fort Collins, Colo.)

Travis Buck (Seattle, Wash.)

Marcio Cemin (Miami, Fla.)

John Paul DiTomaso (Woodland Park, Calif.)

Sean Eagleton (Redwood City, Calif.)

Michael Gavagan (Wilmington, Del.)

Andy Haggerty (Mountville, Pa.)

Nicholas Kemp (Mercer Island, Wash.)

Bryon Moundy

Jon Ray II (Owasso, Ok.)

Mark Wagner (St. James, NY)

Gustavo Walder (Miami, Fla.)

James Weigand (Arlington, Va.)

Michael Jenner (Nottingham, Â UK)

Lew Chin (Chicago, Ill.)

JT Lyons (San Diego, Calif.)

Cory Osth (San Diego, Calif.)

Kyle Robinson (Divide, Colo.)

John Roberts (Los Alamos, NM)

Eluid Agruelles Jr. (Corpus Christi, Texas)

John Caton III (Wakefield, Mass.)

Joe Devera (Santa Cruz, Calif.)

Will Rose (La Mesa, Calif.)

Erik Walter (Naperville, Ill.)

Tyson Greenman (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Rosanna Lloyd (Chicago, Ill.)

Kevin Corsello (Chicago, Ill.)

Christopher Griffin (New York, NY)

Drew Hettinga (Glen Elyn, Ill.)

Matt Keane (Virginia Beach, Va.)

Taku Sekine (Honolulu, Hawaii)