Vince Gee

Giro D’Italia –Stage 20

Hunting day — but I am late

A second day in the same hotel. What a treat. You can’t imagine how much more relaxed it is to NOT have to unpack your suitcase, pack the suitcase, put it in the truck only to see it waiting for you at the next hotel. Even if for only one day. OK, if I am car mechanic, I don’t see the “magic” of the suitcase disappear into the truck only to reappear before my very eyes in the next hotel (room). OK, I know how the transfer shit works. But sometimes it does feel like magic.

Two nights in the same hotel is also great so we can have an easier time working out the TT logistics. For this TT we took only the bus and all the TT shit we stored below the bus. Too cool. And Craig decided to try his hand at driving the bus too the start of the TT. He did a great job. The only part he did not want to do was to sort of parallel park the bus in this tiny spot. Valentine did that part. Valentine is awesome at driving the bus. And almost anything for that matter. He has a pilots license too. Go figure!!

After dinner I wanted to go hunting. With the TT passing very close to the hotel, I had hoped to find a Giro D’Italia direction arrow. But after dinner was a full 4 hours after the TT. And all the pillagers had taken down the signs. I am late in the hunting game. Tomorrow!?!?!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.