Vince Gee

giro D’Italia — Stage 19

Mr. Burns returns

Like yesterdays post stage exit to go to the hotel. This morning was more of the same. But trying to get TO the stage start. We are in a small city and again not too many roads in or out of the city. The challenge was that there was going to be some sort of city festival during the stage. Cities often do such festivals during stages they host. No big deal. But I guess they were erecting some sort of big banner/archway type structure this morning. Some big arteries in/through town were blocked because of this. So we had to navigate through many “detours” to get through the city. And with the big team bus, some of the detours we were not able to make. We almost got to one detour and were behind the Astana team. We saw them hit the brakes and try to back up and turn around. Lucky Valentine saw this early and stopped at the next intersection so he could flip a U-turn easier with the bus. But the Astana team had a much harder time getting back on course in the narrow Italian roads.

We are at the Villa Quaranta Park hotel again. We were here 5 days ago. Again the Hotel of Mr. Burns the Marmi king. At least for now until the Chinese run him out of business. I will not mention China, Chinese or Marmi tonight. I’m hoping he will forget the conversation. Last time we were here it was a full 20 minutes of “Marmi” banter. And he hardly took a breath. So, you couldn’t even get a word in to say something like how bout those NY Mets? Or, I got to go do laundry. He kept on and on. So, tonight I hope all is quiet. and it was. So, I’m happy the Marmi king was silent. He was there helping, but nothing mentioned about Marmi. YES!!

Last time we were here (a few stages/days ago) Duffy ordered a B-day cake. Duffy is in charge of meals and deserts are part of that gig. Even if it was for his B-day as well as our Media guy (PJ) also. Two B-days the last weekend of the Giro and a Birthday cake to celebrate them. And a little Champagne too.


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