Vince Gee

Smooth as silk

Tour of CA — Prologue TT
San Francisco, CA

We did not get the swanky TT parking like I did last year. I’m not sure
if any team got to park as close as we did last year. So, we were fairly
far from the start ramp compared to last year. Regardless, we had a
decent set up and had parked right at a street intersection which made
for a good fast exit. The TT went well (Levi won) and the guys were happy.

Last year Johan though the guys should use road bikes with deep wheels
and clip on aero bars. But half of the guys changed their mind and
wanted to use their TT bikes. So that year we prepared the 4 TT bikes.
If memory serves me correctly, all 4 guys on road bikes did better than
the 4 guys on TT bikes. This year Johan (and the guys) decided to ALL
use TT bikes along with full TT set up. Meaning Disc wheel rear and
trispoke front. Of course the Disc/Trispoke was the more aero set up.
But at a cost of weight. Would that be a factor on the climb up Coit
Tower? Apparently not for Levi. This stage was nice and easy for Julien,
Chris and me. Smooth as silk so to speak.