Vince Gee

A slow wheel change?

Today’s race was sort of uneventful. Lance was third I think. See, even I don’t know what happened and I supposedly have a “good” seat in the house. Or, I’m close enough to the action where I “should” be hearing shit that happens.
The only real action was not the riders but rather the caravan car. Unfortunately the caravan car hit something and flatted the tire. Juan said he took a bit of time to find the jack but the tire was easy to spot/find. I asked Juan if it took more than 10 seconds or so and he laughed at me. Come on Juan! Be quick I said. But eventually, he got it fixed and back into the race. I think he said it happened on the finishing circuits and he only lost one lap. That’s not a bad (Car tire) wheel change.
This year it was only Juan and I as mechanics. Last year we had a bike washer to get us up a little speed wise. But not this year. Juan and I were busy and this night I broke a cardinal rule. Not to work in the dark. But a necessity as the shit had to get done. College was a critical help as he got to a tire place to see about replacing the tire. They were all closed so he goes tomorrow to change it. The gash in the tire was so big, you could almost put your fist through it.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.