Vince Gee

Dream is over

It is August 19th and I am on my way from Athens Greece to Chicago, IL for the US Pro Criterium Championships. What a trip I was able to experience. To be able to experience the life in the Olympic village, to walk into the Olympic Stadium for opening ceremonies, to be able to casually meander through Athens eating local cuisine, getting fairly close to the Acropolis and looking up at history and finally watching on as Tyler made history in his Gold medal ride.
I would have given almost anything for just one of those. But to experience all of those things and a few others is amazing to say the least. I somehow was fortunate to be asked to go to a trip of a life time.
Although my next event in Chicago is fairly important also, it is sort of odd to be going to such event as it is. Not to belittle the importance of Chicago, but it is sort of a let down. My dream (Olympic dream) is now over. Or at the very least on temporary hold till Beijing.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.