Vince Gee

Smooth and fast for us — an accident made that impossible for others

Even with Juan here (great mechanic in my book) and Mark S (AKA “FNG” AKA wash boy) it took a while to (A) get Mark up to speed with his job as it was his first ever job as a team mechanic EVER and (B) Juan and I on the same exact page. Juan and I are both confident mechanics and with FNG/Wash boy helping we normally should go fast. But it sometimes takes a while to get to know each others ways and how to work together at the most efficient manner.
Today we were smooth as butter. We literally flew through each of our tasks. On the plus side was Johan’s and Alejandro’s way of getting off the top of the mountain top finish fast. So much worse for other teams as there was apparently a car/pedestrian accident that stopped traffic for quite some time and delayed teams from getting off the mountain. Sad because it was an already long transfer of 2 hours from the top of the mountain to the Alpharetta hotel(s).
For some teams it was a pure nightmare getting home. Again we were lucky to have a great exit plan PLUS three mechanics to do this race.
The last task after finishing the bikes but before dinner is getting the cars filled with gas. On the way to the gas station we saw teams returning to the hotel(s). Bummer. A long day for them as they can’t start bikes/massage till late. I feel heaps of sympathy for them.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.