Vince Gee

Dinner and a Movie

Team dinners are the norm at camps. We have three camps per year and every one involves team dinners. Sometimes I enjoy some time to myself but most of the time I like to hang out with my team. With every team I have been involved with, I have enjoyed hanging out with them more often than not. I’ve had great experiences with Saturn, Saeco-Timex, Cox-Atlanta Velo and not US Postal
So, today we had dinner and a movie. Now I mean dinner AND a movie not dinner FOLLOWED by a movie. Lance (with Christian’s suggestion) took us all out to some fun in terms of dinner while watching a big screen movie. There were rows of seats with a long (but sort of narrow) table to eat from. Of course Lance had to start us out with his favorite (and local — sort of) Shiner Bock Beer. The food was good but nothing really special. It was more the ambiance of having both at the same time.
The wackiest thing was the movie. We all saw “Jackass” the movie. My face hurt from laughing so hard. If you have not seen Jackass on cable, you should. It is stupid stunts by this group of guys. They like to do stunts that hurt themselves. They are sort of (if not really) crazy. Of course it is not for everyone. But for our group it was good clean fun. I think the European staff especially had fun and laughs watching it. This is America we told them.
Dave had to go to the airport to pick up two riders. So, he missed the movie/dinner combo. We had 13 people including to representatives from Trek. So to get to the movie theater we took Lance’s two Suburbans. Yes, two! We’re in Texas so tinted windows are the norm. His are super dark. Limo dark. They are both painted black also. Cruising to the theater in two black suburban with tinted windows should have looked like the CIA was in town for business. I was picturing Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan in one of the Patriot Games (I think) movies. Flying through town in the Suburbans.


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