Vince Gee

Coast to Coast

After 5 days of driving, I’ve arrived in Danbury Connecticut for the Housitonic race. I chatted with Dave A (Saturn) a bit after pulling into the parking lot of the Ramada Inn. He got to get his drive from Gila out of the way earlier than I did, and have some time off in his home town near Danbury. So when I saw him, he was working and pretty much fresh as a daisy from his down time at home. I on the other hand was totally waxed from my drive totaling 2,900 miles. Dave (after the fact) suggested that I should have driven from Sacramento (original departure destination) to San Francisco and then onto Boston before heading back to Danbury. Just so I could say I drove from ocean to ocean in one trip. Tempting but I’ll take the extra hours of rest.
In Kimball Nebraska, I celebrated a small milestone. The Ice Cream truck turned 200. Meaning, the truck is 200,000 miles young. I wanted to do something like on the old Toyota commercial where the guy is celebrating 200,000 miles (and another guy is celebrating 300,000) in their Toyota pick up trucks. I wanted to stand on top of my truck and hold a sign with 200,000 on it. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) there was no one to share that with or take a picture of it to record it. It means something sort of special to me though as I started my life as a mechanic with Saturn driving this very truck. Now I am with Postal and I am driving the same truck as it turns 200.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.