Vince Gee

“26 plus hours of travel, but how can I complain?”

I had two days off in Milwaukee after the Boston BMC race. After a bit of rest and a little playing I was off to France. I left Milwaukee about noon on Friday the 13th. Going through Pittsburgh, PA, I arrived in Paris about 6:00 AM (Paris time) and then had to wait for Bart to pick me up. Unfortunately he was coming from Belgium and he had to pick some stuff up on the way, so I had to wait till about 8:30 am before he was to get me at the airport. We then drove to the (Postal) Team hotel in Colmar and dropped some stuff for the team. Bart had the customary rice and apple cakes that the riders will get in the musettes in the feed zone.
After dropping off the goodies for the riders and chatting with the mechanics and soigneurs (who go to the hotel from the start to get things ready for the arriving riders) we drove to our hotel. Second unfortunate item is we were staying near Annecey France (in Talloires to be exact). That hotel was another 5 hours away (from the team hotel). So when I arrived at our hotel I had been traveling for over 26 hours.
Third unfortunate item is we will not be viewing (in person) the next two stages. Alpe Du’Huez will be our first viewing of the race in person.
The cool thing is the town we are staying in is beautiful and along a nice lake. We are also here for 3 days so I will not need to pack and unpack my suitcase every day. The next hotel we will also be staying for three days in a row. Nice!
I kind of pride myself on my ability to sleep in cars, trains or planes. So I did get some rest along the way here. But sleeping on the plane is not real rest and after 26 hours of traveling, I was pretty much toast. But hey, how can I complain? I’m here at the Tour De France.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.