Could this be the trailer savior?

Or maybe the pocket savior?

I remember years when I felt like an old school janitor with a large quantity of keys. The house key, the truck key, the trailer hitch key, the key for the lock on the trailer’s side door, the key or keys for the trailer’s rear door locks,  the key for the tool box, the key for the cable lock, and many more keys.  Now, due to a product line called BOLT, those time may be changing.

BOLT, or Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, allows you to use your car or truck key on multiple locks. Using the BOLT system, you can discard  multiple trailer specific keys and stick with your one vehicle key.

While not a solution for every situation, this sounds like the answer for many time consuming or cumbersome experiences for the race mechanic:

* less keys in the pocket

* less weight hanging from the belt

* less time spent locating the key ring with the trailer keys

* less time spent determining which key fits which lock

* less keys to carry when ditching the vehicle and gear for a ride

* less confusion as to who has which set of keys

Imagine locking the trailer to the truck, locking the trailer, locking the bikes and then locking the truck, all with a single  key.

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Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.