Are your tools secure?

According to an article on Velonews.com Cal Giant-Specialized’s team van was broken into in Santa Cruz and a few items were stolen. Listed were some wheels and Jordi Cortes’ personal tools. Luckily he had locked up the bikes which may have prevented them from being stolen.

Some points for all of us:

  • always consider backup security for the items in your team vehicles
  • make sure your team’s equipment is insured
  • make sure your personal items are insured

Ed Note:
I’ve had my toolbox stolen, twice. In both cases I was covered by insurance allowing me to acquire new tools. However, I was not able to recover the tools I created myself, the tools handcrafted by others or the older models that were no longer in production. I learned from the second theft to not place my personal box near the door in the trailer. Theives tend to grab what is convenient and portable and having a case, with a handle, near the door is just too easy not to take.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.